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Having just returned from various trade fairs in both Sydney and Melbourne, there does certainly appear to be a bit of a trend towards quality, well made toys to keep, collect and pass on. Of course there will always be a market for a toy suiting the latest fad or relating to the latest blockbuster movie, but generally more families are moving towards the quality not quantity rule when it comes to buying toys.

Wooden toys are great. They not only last, but tend to be made by companies that have a desire to be ethical in both how they source their materials and how the toy is made. (of course plastics last, but not in the way we might want them to!) Children also learn how their toy originated; surely a much better story surrounded in nature rather than chemical processes.

Of course we don’t just sell wooden toys in the shop, but all our toys are sourced because of their quality, in most cases their ability to work for both boys and girls, and we try to find items that are not found everywhere else.

We hope that a visit to Gertrude & Henry is not just magical because of the way the shop looks, but also because children will treasure the gifts they get, or the toys they have saved up for.

We are excited about the new items that will be added to the store throughout the year, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with our customers.

Gertrude & Henry Admin