We have at last taken delivery of some gorgeous Olliella baskets and their Holdie House.

The Mini Chari baskets are designed so well to fit the front of a bike, tricycle or scooter and to then be carried as a shoulder bag. Children love putting things in and out of baskets and Olliella really do make the most beautiful.

The Piki baskets are designed as a miniature picnic basket and again, allow small people to store and carry their precious items, a mini picnic or to help with the shopping.

Talking of shopping, the Luggy is a beautiful basket on wheels and absolutely perfect to take shopping!

All items will be online today, and available in the shop.Olliella-luggyOlliella-piki-baskets

Back to Basics


Having just returned from various trade fairs in both Sydney and Melbourne, there does certainly appear to be a bit of a trend towards quality, well made toys to keep, collect and pass on. Of course there will always be a market for a toy suiting the latest fad or relating to the latest blockbuster movie, but generally more families are moving towards the quality not quantity rule when it comes to buying toys.

Wooden toys are great. They not only last, but tend to be made by companies that have a desire to be ethical in both how they source their materials and how the toy is made. (of course plastics last, but not in the way we might want them to!) Children also learn how their toy originated; surely a much better story surrounded in nature rather than chemical processes.

Of course we don’t just sell wooden toys in the shop, but all our toys are sourced because of their quality, in most cases their ability to work for both boys and girls, and we try to find items that are not found everywhere else.

We hope that a visit to Gertrude & Henry is not just magical because of the way the shop looks, but also because children will treasure the gifts they get, or the toys they have saved up for.

We are excited about the new items that will be added to the store throughout the year, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with our customers.

Activity Sundays

At the shop we have now started our Sunday morning workshops for children.

On the 28th January we ran a beginners crochet class and now, on the 11th february we are doing cupcake decorating. See our Facebook page for details. It’s a great way for children to meet others in the area and to try something new.

We continue to introduce new items to the shop and online. Gifts, toys, books and party items. We can always put a selection of items together for birthday gifts as a little hamper – just call or email us for any special requests.



Dartmoor pony

Suddenly Christmas seems so far away already! The children are heading back to school and so begins the rounds of weekend birthday parties.

We have a large selection of suitable gifts in our creative section and for all the horse lovers, our Breyer model horse collection has been reduced.

In the shop we are busy preparing for our Sunday workshops. the first will be a ‘Learn to Crochet’ class and each participant (aged 8yrs+) will take home a finished bookmark. In the future we have authors visits, cake decorating, crafts and book club for all ages of children.

We are happy to take specific book orders for any children’s books and likewise, for any gifts we will do our very best to accomodate any special requests if you contact us by phone or email.

Hampers for Children


We now have our first three choices of hampers for children, prepared and ready to sell, online or in store.

So exciting for a child to open a box – or in this case a delightful, fastening and reusable case – and find lots of little gifts inside.

Our Retro Hamper should keep many generations of the family reminiscing for hours. lots of fun for boys and girls. Classic toys and games that continue to entertain decades after they first became popular.

The Travel Games Hamper has a number of activities to keep children entertained whilst in planes, trains or automobiles. Great for taking on holiday or even for ideas to occupy at the table in a restaurant. Perfect to carry around contained in their own handy case.

A peek inside the cute Unicorn Hamper reveals a number of special treasures for the unicorn lover. Gifts created by the popular English company Meri Meri as well as a few sparkly surprises.

Look out for our next batch of special Children’s Hampers coming very soon.Hamper-Travel-RedUnicorn-Hamper-Red

Science Fun!


New in store and online we have a range of Mehano Experimental Cubes. Each cube contains 25+ experiments and equipment relating to one of 3 topics – Human Body, Eco Catastrophies or Meteorology.

We have opened and tested two of the boxes, “they are brilliant” – James, 9

They come with all the equipment needed but for some of the projects you need simple, household items in addition. The instructions are clear and informative.

The boxes state age from 6+ but we feel that a good starting age would be 8/9yrs.

The cubes are great value for money when compared with other, similar products in the shops.


So, we have joined Instagram. Please follow us!

You will see additional pictures of many of our products and even some situations where they are being tried and tested by boy 10, boy 8 and their friends.

The boys set up the little wooden village sets for me today. They actually had a great time and this is one of the reasons why most – at least the majority – of our books and gifts for children do not have an age range attached. The boys went on finding games to play with the sets long after the photographs had been taken.

We’ve also started reading The Little Princess. Oh what a gorgeous, classic story, and one remembered fondly from my own childhood. The first chapter started great conversations about how London looked many years ago, how many British families were living in India and what it must be like for children who have a parent who has to go off to war. The boys were not at all bothered by the title of the book and are looking forward to the next chapter, this is also why we don’t really mark our books and gifts for children with gender labels.

The Little Princess is part of a gorgeous set of hardback, classic books, which would make super gifts for any child to add to their bookshelf.

Well, what shall we Instagram next?! follow us to find out!

Picnics and Tea Parties

Yesterday 3 wonderful products arrived.
Red Enamel Picnic Set – A beautiful wicker picnic hamper with red enamel cups and plates, melamine cutlery and gorgeous red, gingham serviettes and picnic cloth. I can just imagine the hamper being packed with treats and carried off by giggling boys and girls to set up on the lawn, in the park or by the beach.
Lady Bug Tin Tea Set – Another beautifully styled wicker basket with a little tin tea set decorated in red, pink and lady bugs. Sit the dolls around and pour delicious little cups of tea from the teapot, with fairy bread triangles on the little plates. The perfect size for little people.
Blue sailboat Tin Tea Set – Boys and girls will love this sturdy little case, with it’s retro design of sailboat, children and animals. Inside, a teapot, tray, cups and saucers all with matching design ready for a teddy bears’ picnic in the playroom or garden.

All three make beautiful, classic gifts for children; encouraging imaginative play and role play, both essential for a child’s development.